Tuesday, 18 December 2012

We're off

Ok, so we are heading out on to our nice long vacation. Sadly I won't have access to my blog and will have to post catch up posts on the wedding and the rest of the trip. I'm so excited, it is actually really cool that I get a re-do, so to speak. Not that I had a problem with my actual wedding, but this time, there's no nerves or stress (mainly because my mom did most of the planning with this one, but also cause we are already married).

This time I decided to get creative and make myself a none floral bouquet to go with the Traditional theme of the celebrations. Not the most perfect, but I love it, and seriously hope no one requests that I throw the bouquet. Seriously don't plan on doing that...lol. Isn't it actually bad luck to throw a bouquet twice? Lol, I just made that up.


Enjoy your holidays friends.x

Our 1st Anniversay

It's been the most amazing year yet. People keep reminding me that this is supposed to be the honeymoon phase...but I don't know, doesnt feel like it. Not to say we won't have any disagreements or conflicts, but I think we have grown tremendously in our relationship together, and are more (and will continue to get more and more equipped) for this amazing journey ahead of us. And every single day, I look at my husband and I wonder, how is it I am so blessed to be married to the most loving, caring, supporting and (bonus) good looking man known to me.

So if you happen to read this, honey, I LOVE YOU and Thank you.
Heres' to many many more years.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Shut down.

These past two weeks have dragged. Dragged I tell you. Today our offices shut down and I will switch on my office computer again in 21days...woooooh hoooo.

The next three weeks are going to be something else. Our "wedding", the 1900km we have to drive to get to it and then our road trip along the east coast of South Africa with my hubby, sister, sister in law and her fiance (who have come down from Germany for the wedding and visit family). So, I will take this opportunity to practice my German with my sister in law ( my hubby is no help at all...lol). Who knows, I might be able to cross it off my baby bucket list in January (hahahaha, I kill myself!).

Its been one of those weeks, putting together important travel documents, getting my dress (I actually don't have it, just a few finishing touches then we good to go)...the list goes on. But I'm just happy its all done.

Enjoy your weekend folks.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Taking a  walk with my husby, Tessa and Teddy. I love it when the jacaranda's are in bloom. All you see is beds of purple on the side walks.

This is what I was wearing.

Happy Tuesday :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What does it mean?

Yesterday someone said something rude in passing in a conversation. I was so irritated and annoyed and the whole day I thought of all these things I should have said and how I would treat them from now on. And while I was busy telling my sister and hubs later, I realised something. Responding to someone in kindness when they are mean (on purpose or otherwise) is in no way a sign of weakness. I find that way to often, after reacting calmly, I go back and replay the conversation and kick myself for not having been harsher or wittier in my response. And sadly I keep all these events locked up somewhere, I don't know, I guess to justify future meanness towards these individuals or maybe to remind myself how mean they are when I let my guard slip around them. What baggage!!! I never thought of it that way. But looking back at my response, as the conversation went on I could see her "warming up to me" (for lack of better words). How could my meanness have made the situation better? I don't always sit down an think things through and come to such sensible conclusions, but I'm so glad this thought crossed my mind. Letting go of the baggage. There!

Anyways...moving on. In the spirit of Faith's #YesImWearingThis.
Sometimes it's too warm even for a cardie, but a soon as there is a light breeze, my blazers come in handy. So yeah, there will be a lot of blazer action up in her' from time to time.

Friday, 30 November 2012

This man...

My Big Friendly Giant, on whom I'd like to plant lots and lots of wet sloppy kisses until he throws me on the bed and tickles me so much, that I struggle (but manage) to hold my pee and my belly hurts from laughing.


Enjoy your weekend.


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Almost there...

2 and a half more weeks before our offices shut down for 3 weeks. The joys of living in a small town. Good thing we never have to stick around here during the festive season 'cause it turns into a little ghost town...you know like in those wild west movies with tumble weed rolling all over town...and yeah, its blazing hot here in December!

So the count down begins.... yey!

In the spirit of Faith's Weekend & #yesimwearingthis {#3} , these shorts have made their debut.

Hi there summer...been a while! Missed you.


Monday, 26 November 2012


Its not very often hubs and I get visitors to our humble abode. 2 reasons:
1) We live so far out of town (not really, people in Joburg travel those distances and more on a daily basis), and usually people aren't keen or need transport...schlep in itself.
2) Our house isn't finished. Yes we live on a construction sight...lol. Well its almost finished, but not finished enough for me to feel comfortable having people over (hence finishing and deco'ing our home is part of the Before-Baby To Do List.

But this weekend, I let all of that go and invited some friends over. It was so much fun I just wanted to kick myself for not having done it with this bunch of girls sooner!

Without further adieu...

 Johnny was really excited to see the girls too.

  On our way down to the dam

That poser in the middle is my sister...lol

From nowhere, the weather turned sour after a fantastic and hot morning, so while these to very brave ladies decided to do a bit of rowing and swimming,

the rest of us cheered them on!

Turned into some kinda party though! Who says u need music to have a good party. Just sing and dance...hahaha

And I want bubble's bikini! And can't find one in this silly little town of ours *ugly cry*.
Would make an awesome Christmas pressy, hey hubs?

Hope everyone in blogville had a super weekend.


Thursday, 22 November 2012


Is it Thursday already???

Lol, time surely waits for no one. Had such a relaxed weekend with my hubs. Spent most of Sunday in bed watching movies. Hubby complained when he heard the titles of the movies I got...obviously I'm more inclined to get chick flicks than hubby's kinda movies when i go myself, he enjoyed them...thank heavens (so I'm not banned from going alone...lol)

                                           Our skinny toes

And ended the day with amazing wood fired pizza made by my in laws. I have to say,I love pizza and when ever hubs and I are on holiday, that's all we eat. And yet I have NEVER had pizza this amazing elsewhere.

And in the spirit of Faith's    #yesimwearingthis {#2} , this is what I wore on Monday. Trying to get with the times. Thanks Faith. :)


Friday, 16 November 2012

Blue Friday

I liked this look. It was a bit out of my comfort zone (esp the lip colour), but yeah...I will definitely do it again.

Really excited about the weekend. Plan on shopping around for the cook book I will be cooking off. I've spent a total of 2 hours (yesterday and today's lunch break) in the book store. There are so many options out there, and still I can't seem to zone in on one. Maybe I should just close my eyes and pick one...lol.

I bawled my eyes out like a baby last night. This 'wedding dress' thing isn't working out the way I want it to. My hubby though...*chocking up again*, he's just way too sweet. If I had been the one watching myself cry the way I did, I would have been shocked cause a), its not a big deal...can be sorted and b) was I seriously crying about a DRESS???? Granted, I'd had two glasses of wine and DNC'ed with my girls on not so happy topics...but still. Man, this post isn't going the way I planned it out in my head.

I'm just really glad it's Friday...this entire week felt like Wednesday (so close, yet so far).

Monday, 12 November 2012

Beach days are here!!!

And so, winter has come and GONE!

Ok I know its been a while already, but it sure hasn't felt like it. And so with a high of 41DegreesCelsius, a day at the beach made so much sense. So off to Kenton on sea we went!

The really nice thing about this little beach town is that most homes are owned by families that live in the big cities for most of the year and only really use them during holidays, like Christmas and Easter. So most of the time we have the entire beach to ourselves, and this was no exception *yey for days*.
We found this cute little spot...ok what actually made this spot cute (for me), was this jetty that had obviously been washed onto the beach in the recent rains, and that meant I didn't have to sit on the sand.

Lol...no I don't have a problem with sitting on the sand. This little doggy has so much love, wet or sandy, and loves to share. So sitting on the sand just makes me an easy target.

And then of cause I had to do the bikini pose before cooling off.

I'm rocking my baby fro. Can anybody see it *huge grin* ILOVEIT!!!!

My husband...not so much though. Note he's my husband, not hubby or hubs, when he's not cooperating. Lol.

He's such a hottie though, can never stay mad at him for too long!

And that cute little doggy of mine who never wants to be left behind.

This gentle soul down here though, would rather watch from a distance!

Absolutely loved our day at the beach, and if the weather cooperates...there are many many more to come. And of course, sushi always hits the spot after a  nice hot day.

Hope everyone in blogville had a nice weeeknd.


Friday, 9 November 2012

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Was standing in a queue at the pharmacy this afternoon, and saw the cutest little girl. She had a blue lolly pop that stained her mouth and her mom was busy explaining to her that she needed to get meds to help her get better, even though she didn't seem to believe she was ill. There were a lot of people and I was amazed at the speed this little one was manoeuvring through these people. I try not to stare a kids too much though...with the baby itch and all, I sometimes worry that my longing looks might creep some moms out..lol.

Shock of my life when mom walked away from the counter, with not one cute little girl with stained blue lips, but 2...


My first thought was...I want two kids one day, but I'm hoping God doesn't bless me with both at the same time. If however that is already His plan, I will still be a happy mom, none the less.

Another 4 Years


I love Michelle's style! They are such an adorable couple.

Friday, 2 November 2012

I'm getting married in the morning...ding dong the bells are going to chime.....

So Hubs and I are getting married...AGAIN :-).

Well not really. Most of my family wasn't able to make the trip down for our actual wedding, and so we decided to have celebration in my home town in Zimbabwe just before Christmas.

Hubs has never been to Zim, and for some reason, not very keen cause of all the bad media (mostly exaggerated or generalised, not sure which), so I'm also looking forward to showing him what an amazing place it actually is.

And so if feels like I'm getting married again...and the 1st time was amazing, but I'm not keen on going through all the motions again. The upside though, is the family gathering. Its been YEARS since our family has gathered in celebration. I miss every single one of them and I'm super excited about having everyone under 1 roof!

This time however, I'm not going to wear my white dress. Thinking along the lines of Traditional with a twist...?

Well, I'm my attempt at being more organised this time, i will make sure i have my dress in the next two weeks...plenty of time right?!

I'm thinking of a variation of this Palesa Mokubung/Mantsho rocked by the lovely LIRA.


What do you think?

Thursday, 1 November 2012


So glad I'm done with exams. Won't have to look at these book till next year (sounds like a long time right...)
And so, now I'm looking forward to the weekend, feels like i haven't had one in ages since the last one was spent in the library. And from the sound of things, we will have great weather...so we just have to make Sunday a beach day. And my hubby makes some mean cocktails, so maybe cocktails on the beach...oh wow, I'm getting excited just thinking about that. Reminds me of a little trip we took a couple of months ago. Twas right smack in the middle of winter, but we just had to do cocktails on the beach. So the second that sun peaked out of the clouds (even though it was still freakin cold), we rushed to the beach, and had our cocktail-at-the-beach moment (didn't last long..silly sun)

And so, I look at my own pics and yearn for a little bit of sun in this miserably cold spring season of ours. Its been raining so much, a few surrounding towns have flooded. Really sad and devastating for most, and to think Sandy is busy on the other side of the world causing havoc for others as well (hoping all my family and friends (blog ones too :-)) out there affected are keeping safe and warm). Thankfully the only thing i have to complain about from the havoc the rains this side have caused, is that I have to get out of bed at 4am...YES 4.A.M in a zombie state and and 2 hours earlier that I would have needed to, on Monday morning, to get to a seminar in a sorta nearby city, because of this...

But, I won't think of that right now....happy cocktail thought!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Our wedding

And so my hubby and I have been married for 10months. It feels like it’s been much longer than that. Probably because we’d been together for almost 6 years when we got hitched, and it doesn’t feel like much has changed (besides my last name). Still, it was one the happiest days of my life (even though I was stressing for the 1st few hours of that day). See, I’m your last minute kinda girl, and the night before the wedding, my girls and I were going to finish of making the programmes and head out for dinner. Goodness knows what other 101 things I had to do, but we ended up going for dinner before finishing off the programmes.


Dinner didn’t quite stop at dinner though. With the excitement of a girls reunion with my friends and sisters (cousins actually but there’s no difference in our family) and after a couple of tequila’s here and there it soon turned into a full blown party night. Lucky for us, this little town of ours gets deserted by the locals and students in December, so we had the entire pub to ourselves (woop woop).


Ok, maybe not so woop woop the next morning when we were busy cutting and sticking programmes with hangovers.
 Thank goodness we opted for and evening wedding! After a morning of panic (missing flower girls, incomplete set up at reception venue, programmes...I could go on), when everything was sorted (like I said, ‘last minute’ is my middle name...lol), we headed out to the church to meet my HUSBAND –TO-BE.

Hubby and I opted for a small simple wedding with just close family and friends and unfortunately not all our family memeber's were able to make it since neither of our families are from South Africa and our families so far out. We had our ceremony in a little chapel a couple of minutes from the farm and the reception at the farm..
The weather was perfect, vibe was awesome...and goodness knows how we managed after an impromptu party the night before, but at 4am, our very happy and tired guests started to head off, after a night I will never forget.


Monday, 22 October 2012

Lost-Animal Farm??

On Friday night, after work, as my hubby was driving home, he came across a bull calf trying to cross the highway with no mommy insight. He spent almost 2 hours in the rain, trying to find his mommy with no luck. At midnight, he gave up the search and left the calf in an open field in the hopes that the owner or mother would come looking for him. He felt really guilty though, so first thing in the next morning he went out to see if someone had found him and lo and behold, there stood the little one in the same spot hubby had left him. So in an attempt to find the owner's he went around a few neighbouring farms to see if any of them were missing a calf. No luck... He came across some traffic officer's who suggested he take the little guy home. At home we called the SPCA and because they already have their hands full with lost animals, they suggested he just keep him. We've named him Bruno and he's now my Mother In Law's baby :).

My in laws have a super chunky sausage dog, Coco, whose taken on the amazing role of mommy and protector of Bruno.

But not everyone is a fan! Rudolf the impala has since absconded the garden...and will not come back to the garden if the lil bull is still there (much to my Father in law's delight...too many gardeners spoil the garden LOL).

Hope everyone had a super weekend.