Thursday, 25 October 2012

Our wedding

And so my hubby and I have been married for 10months. It feels like it’s been much longer than that. Probably because we’d been together for almost 6 years when we got hitched, and it doesn’t feel like much has changed (besides my last name). Still, it was one the happiest days of my life (even though I was stressing for the 1st few hours of that day). See, I’m your last minute kinda girl, and the night before the wedding, my girls and I were going to finish of making the programmes and head out for dinner. Goodness knows what other 101 things I had to do, but we ended up going for dinner before finishing off the programmes.


Dinner didn’t quite stop at dinner though. With the excitement of a girls reunion with my friends and sisters (cousins actually but there’s no difference in our family) and after a couple of tequila’s here and there it soon turned into a full blown party night. Lucky for us, this little town of ours gets deserted by the locals and students in December, so we had the entire pub to ourselves (woop woop).


Ok, maybe not so woop woop the next morning when we were busy cutting and sticking programmes with hangovers.
 Thank goodness we opted for and evening wedding! After a morning of panic (missing flower girls, incomplete set up at reception venue, programmes...I could go on), when everything was sorted (like I said, ‘last minute’ is my middle, we headed out to the church to meet my HUSBAND –TO-BE.

Hubby and I opted for a small simple wedding with just close family and friends and unfortunately not all our family memeber's were able to make it since neither of our families are from South Africa and our families so far out. We had our ceremony in a little chapel a couple of minutes from the farm and the reception at the farm..
The weather was perfect, vibe was awesome...and goodness knows how we managed after an impromptu party the night before, but at 4am, our very happy and tired guests started to head off, after a night I will never forget.


Monday, 22 October 2012

Lost-Animal Farm??

On Friday night, after work, as my hubby was driving home, he came across a bull calf trying to cross the highway with no mommy insight. He spent almost 2 hours in the rain, trying to find his mommy with no luck. At midnight, he gave up the search and left the calf in an open field in the hopes that the owner or mother would come looking for him. He felt really guilty though, so first thing in the next morning he went out to see if someone had found him and lo and behold, there stood the little one in the same spot hubby had left him. So in an attempt to find the owner's he went around a few neighbouring farms to see if any of them were missing a calf. No luck... He came across some traffic officer's who suggested he take the little guy home. At home we called the SPCA and because they already have their hands full with lost animals, they suggested he just keep him. We've named him Bruno and he's now my Mother In Law's baby :).

My in laws have a super chunky sausage dog, Coco, whose taken on the amazing role of mommy and protector of Bruno.

But not everyone is a fan! Rudolf the impala has since absconded the garden...and will not come back to the garden if the lil bull is still there (much to my Father in law's delight...too many gardeners spoil the garden LOL).

Hope everyone had a super weekend.


Friday, 19 October 2012

Happy Friday!

It's been raining for 5 days none stop and its cold :(. And from the sound of things, we have another 4 days of this miserable weather.

So my hubby and I will spend our weekend snuggled in bed with lotsa movies. (hope I can sneak in a few tear jerkers :))

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Save our rhinos

“Two rhinos were found dead and mutilated at the Shingalana Lion and Rhino Game Reserve in Haartebees, North West, on Sunday”, the reserve said. The two men thought to be responsible have been released on R1, 500 bail. REALLY???


It saddens me to think that one day my future children or their children will not get to see a rhino in its natural habitat, if at all. There are so many save the rhino campaigns and programmes going on out there and still it feels like we are taking on step forward and two steps back.

In my opinion, I don’t think the government is putting enough to this cause. In fact, from what I see, they have no interest, except to find new ways to get more money from us (I can’t believe the e-tolling system is back on the table after it was justifiably scrapped!) (Read this), finding new and frankly ridiculous ways to spend it (How do u renovated a home for R200million amidst all this socioeconomic turmoil?) (Read this) and to top it all off, disband a task team that was especially established for this very cause (Read this) ??? (I could go on :( ) It really makes me sick to my stomach to see those charged with the governance of our country not playing a big enough role in preserving our heritage.

I will continue to help where I can and hope that the tiny difference everyone who is making an effort out there is making will cause a ripple effect that will hopefully bring this to a stop.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Spa Sunday Fail

Sunday, my hubby decided to spoil me and take me to a nearby lodge for lunch, a game drive and spa treatment (big deal coz my hubby is soooo not a spa kinda guy, I couldn’t get him to join me for a couples massage during our honeymoon). So we got up really early, gave our doggies a bath, cleaned up and headed out.

We get there and ring the intercom for them to open the gate (The closed gate should have been a sign, but I figured it had to do with exclusivity or something...). This lodge was amazing, I must say, but there was no one in sight. Awkward... After about 10 minutes of wondering around aimlessly the manager walked in to the restaurant, looking like he just got out of bed and told us they weren’t expecting any guests. We’d made a booking, so they’d obviously forgotten usL. The manager said we shouldn’t worry though, they would make a plan. The only meal they could whip up in such short notice (we were starving), was NOT worth the price, and they had nothing for my Hubby’s special dietary requirements. So we had to leave. What was so funny though, was that they still said we could stick around for the spa treatment and go for a hike or drive....with our empty stomachs and all.

Since we’d dressed up (and too hungry to go home and cook), we headed out to our favourite little spot on the banks of the Kowie River in Port Alfred, the Ocean Basket. They never disappoint.

This is what a happy well fed hubby-of-mine looks like!

An on our way home, we bumped into this cute little guy who took FOREVER to cross the road.

And look who was keen to say hi when we got back home.

That’s Rudolf, our impala, who, like Johnny the Zebra, lost his mommy at a birth and grew up with the doggies as friends.

That’s Tessa, my puppy, running around the bush with Rudolph. They can go at that for hours I tell you. Hope everyone out there had a good Sunday.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


I’m a wife to a really hot hottie.

A “mommy” to two crazy doggys.

A daughter to two legends.

A sister to a cutie.

A part time postgrad student, yeah, the learning never stops!

A full time employee in a crazy little world of numbers, audits, taxes, financials, etc.

Outside of all of these roles I play daily, I’m just a 20something (not much time left in that category) woman walking through life.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Team Zebra...

I live on a little farm just outside a very small town that no one ever remembers, in South Africa. When I was younger, long before the Internet and email were easily available, I had a pen pal from California. Sadly I don’t have any of her letters anymore, but I remember thinking how lucky I was to have a friend all the way across the oceans/seas, on the other side of the earth. Anyways, in one of her many letter’s to me, she asked me if I had a pet lion and rode to school on elephants. I was so amused and ran with the story for some time before I told her the truth. Now I wish I had her contact details so we could have a good laugh about that, and also to tell her we have a pet zebra. Well, he’s not really a pet, per se. We have a small heard of zebra on our farm and not long after this little one was born, his mommy died.

 So he grew up running around the back yard with the dogs and cats, and probably has some kinda identity crisis (he behaves like a dog). And every morning when I leave for work, and evening, when I get back home, he’s waiting right there to say hello.

So ladies and gentlemen, this is where the blog name originated.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

And here I go....

My first blog! Yikes, I'm so excited. Now all I need is the committment to just keep going....easy as pie.