Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Team Zebra...

I live on a little farm just outside a very small town that no one ever remembers, in South Africa. When I was younger, long before the Internet and email were easily available, I had a pen pal from California. Sadly I don’t have any of her letters anymore, but I remember thinking how lucky I was to have a friend all the way across the oceans/seas, on the other side of the earth. Anyways, in one of her many letter’s to me, she asked me if I had a pet lion and rode to school on elephants. I was so amused and ran with the story for some time before I told her the truth. Now I wish I had her contact details so we could have a good laugh about that, and also to tell her we have a pet zebra. Well, he’s not really a pet, per se. We have a small heard of zebra on our farm and not long after this little one was born, his mommy died.

 So he grew up running around the back yard with the dogs and cats, and probably has some kinda identity crisis (he behaves like a dog). And every morning when I leave for work, and evening, when I get back home, he’s waiting right there to say hello.

So ladies and gentlemen, this is where the blog name originated.


  1. i absolutely loved this! i think i am all caught up now! and that is too funny that you ran with that story, hilarious!

  2. Reading some of your old posts and really like this story! It reminds me of the movie "Babe." Have you seen it? It's about the pig who behaves like a sheepdog. It's too too cute!

    1. hahaha, yes I have. Super cute. Ya, Johnny barks along with the dogs when we have guests...its so funny to watch.


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