Thursday, 25 October 2012

Our wedding

And so my hubby and I have been married for 10months. It feels like it’s been much longer than that. Probably because we’d been together for almost 6 years when we got hitched, and it doesn’t feel like much has changed (besides my last name). Still, it was one the happiest days of my life (even though I was stressing for the 1st few hours of that day). See, I’m your last minute kinda girl, and the night before the wedding, my girls and I were going to finish of making the programmes and head out for dinner. Goodness knows what other 101 things I had to do, but we ended up going for dinner before finishing off the programmes.


Dinner didn’t quite stop at dinner though. With the excitement of a girls reunion with my friends and sisters (cousins actually but there’s no difference in our family) and after a couple of tequila’s here and there it soon turned into a full blown party night. Lucky for us, this little town of ours gets deserted by the locals and students in December, so we had the entire pub to ourselves (woop woop).


Ok, maybe not so woop woop the next morning when we were busy cutting and sticking programmes with hangovers.
 Thank goodness we opted for and evening wedding! After a morning of panic (missing flower girls, incomplete set up at reception venue, programmes...I could go on), when everything was sorted (like I said, ‘last minute’ is my middle, we headed out to the church to meet my HUSBAND –TO-BE.

Hubby and I opted for a small simple wedding with just close family and friends and unfortunately not all our family memeber's were able to make it since neither of our families are from South Africa and our families so far out. We had our ceremony in a little chapel a couple of minutes from the farm and the reception at the farm..
The weather was perfect, vibe was awesome...and goodness knows how we managed after an impromptu party the night before, but at 4am, our very happy and tired guests started to head off, after a night I will never forget.



  1. you had such a beautiful wedding!

    i am a last minute type of gal too but when it came to my wedding i was complete opposite! i don't know what it was but i had everything done weeks before the wedding, lol.

    happy 10 months :)

  2. you look so beautiful in that dress, really a nice wedding. I love the pictures and enjoyed reading.

  3. This is so beautiful. Your dress is so hot, looks like you had loads of fun at the pre-wedding party and that last picture of you and the hubby is so beautiful.

    Happy 10th monthversary :)

  4. I love the name of your blog. The Zebra is our family mascot and are battle cry is "TEAM ZEBRA"!! Your wedding dress is gorgeous and your wedding looked like everyone had an amazing time.


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