Monday, 15 October 2012

Spa Sunday Fail

Sunday, my hubby decided to spoil me and take me to a nearby lodge for lunch, a game drive and spa treatment (big deal coz my hubby is soooo not a spa kinda guy, I couldn’t get him to join me for a couples massage during our honeymoon). So we got up really early, gave our doggies a bath, cleaned up and headed out.

We get there and ring the intercom for them to open the gate (The closed gate should have been a sign, but I figured it had to do with exclusivity or something...). This lodge was amazing, I must say, but there was no one in sight. Awkward... After about 10 minutes of wondering around aimlessly the manager walked in to the restaurant, looking like he just got out of bed and told us they weren’t expecting any guests. We’d made a booking, so they’d obviously forgotten usL. The manager said we shouldn’t worry though, they would make a plan. The only meal they could whip up in such short notice (we were starving), was NOT worth the price, and they had nothing for my Hubby’s special dietary requirements. So we had to leave. What was so funny though, was that they still said we could stick around for the spa treatment and go for a hike or drive....with our empty stomachs and all.

Since we’d dressed up (and too hungry to go home and cook), we headed out to our favourite little spot on the banks of the Kowie River in Port Alfred, the Ocean Basket. They never disappoint.

This is what a happy well fed hubby-of-mine looks like!

An on our way home, we bumped into this cute little guy who took FOREVER to cross the road.

And look who was keen to say hi when we got back home.

That’s Rudolf, our impala, who, like Johnny the Zebra, lost his mommy at a birth and grew up with the doggies as friends.

That’s Tessa, my puppy, running around the bush with Rudolph. They can go at that for hours I tell you. Hope everyone out there had a good Sunday.


  1. Seems like you were able to make lemonade out of lemons. Glad you didn't let the initial disappointment ruin your day!

  2. The best thing about this post is that it seems that you both were still able to enjoy your day :)

    With all these cute animals running around, looks like you live in the coolest place!


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