Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Almost there...

2 and a half more weeks before our offices shut down for 3 weeks. The joys of living in a small town. Good thing we never have to stick around here during the festive season 'cause it turns into a little ghost know like in those wild west movies with tumble weed rolling all over town...and yeah, its blazing hot here in December!

So the count down begins.... yey!

In the spirit of Faith's Weekend & #yesimwearingthis {#3} , these shorts have made their debut.

Hi there summer...been a while! Missed you.



  1. What I would do to have my office close down! That is a dream.

    I love how we're gearing towards Winter and you're welcoming Summer!

    Love your outfit! You are so stylish!! The shorts, the scarf, the blazer, the nail polish color, I love!!

  2. You look so nice and sexy in your outfit , the spaghetty straps and with shorts it's a perfect combination, it shows that the summer begins.

  3. 3 weeks off and nice warm weather?!?! You are so darn lucky!


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