Monday, 12 November 2012

Beach days are here!!!

And so, winter has come and GONE!

Ok I know its been a while already, but it sure hasn't felt like it. And so with a high of 41DegreesCelsius, a day at the beach made so much sense. So off to Kenton on sea we went!

The really nice thing about this little beach town is that most homes are owned by families that live in the big cities for most of the year and only really use them during holidays, like Christmas and Easter. So most of the time we have the entire beach to ourselves, and this was no exception *yey for days*.
We found this cute little spot...ok what actually made this spot cute (for me), was this jetty that had obviously been washed onto the beach in the recent rains, and that meant I didn't have to sit on the sand. I don't have a problem with sitting on the sand. This little doggy has so much love, wet or sandy, and loves to share. So sitting on the sand just makes me an easy target.

And then of cause I had to do the bikini pose before cooling off.

I'm rocking my baby fro. Can anybody see it *huge grin* ILOVEIT!!!!

My husband...not so much though. Note he's my husband, not hubby or hubs, when he's not cooperating. Lol.

He's such a hottie though, can never stay mad at him for too long!

And that cute little doggy of mine who never wants to be left behind.

This gentle soul down here though, would rather watch from a distance!

Absolutely loved our day at the beach, and if the weather cooperates...there are many many more to come. And of course, sushi always hits the spot after a  nice hot day.

Hope everyone in blogville had a nice weeeknd.



  1. hahaha, you make me laugh :)

    i love your baby fro so much! husband should love it too! Sean begs me to leave my hair out in an afro, lol.

    looks like such a fun day!

    and you are a hottie!

  2. So jealous of your beach weather, please send some our way.

    You look hot in that bikini, rock it girl. I can totally see your baby fro, YAY, it will be a huge fro soon.

    I take sushi any day though I only eat the cooked kind (california rolls and such).

  3. Nice! We are going into our winter season soon here so reading your blog just made me want a vacation :-).


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