Thursday, 22 November 2012


Is it Thursday already???

Lol, time surely waits for no one. Had such a relaxed weekend with my hubs. Spent most of Sunday in bed watching movies. Hubby complained when he heard the titles of the movies I got...obviously I'm more inclined to get chick flicks than hubby's kinda movies when i go myself, he enjoyed them...thank heavens (so I'm not banned from going

                                           Our skinny toes

And ended the day with amazing wood fired pizza made by my in laws. I have to say,I love pizza and when ever hubs and I are on holiday, that's all we eat. And yet I have NEVER had pizza this amazing elsewhere.

And in the spirit of Faith's    #yesimwearingthis {#2} , this is what I wore on Monday. Trying to get with the times. Thanks Faith. :)



  1. You look amazing! That peplum top is amazing and I'm in love with your hair!!

    Thank you so much for participating!!

    And I'm like that with the chick flicks, Sean does not like it at all, haha.

  2. lovely post...miss reading ur blog...look so cute...l love it

  3. You look so cute in that last pic. Slim, well dressed with awesome hair! I am green with envy :)

  4. I'm constantly getting in trouble for watching chick flicks and documentary movies....LOL!! Love your hair in the second picture.

  5. That shirt is so cute! Aw, sometimes I get in trouble for the movies I pick, but I try to save the chick flicks for when I'm with my 'chicks'

  6. I love your style. Feet pics are awesome. Your hair rocks.


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