Thursday, 1 November 2012


So glad I'm done with exams. Won't have to look at these book till next year (sounds like a long time right...)
And so, now I'm looking forward to the weekend, feels like i haven't had one in ages since the last one was spent in the library. And from the sound of things, we will have great we just have to make Sunday a beach day. And my hubby makes some mean cocktails, so maybe cocktails on the beach...oh wow, I'm getting excited just thinking about that. Reminds me of a little trip we took a couple of months ago. Twas right smack in the middle of winter, but we just had to do cocktails on the beach. So the second that sun peaked out of the clouds (even though it was still freakin cold), we rushed to the beach, and had our cocktail-at-the-beach moment (didn't last long..silly sun)

And so, I look at my own pics and yearn for a little bit of sun in this miserably cold spring season of ours. Its been raining so much, a few surrounding towns have flooded. Really sad and devastating for most, and to think Sandy is busy on the other side of the world causing havoc for others as well (hoping all my family and friends (blog ones too :-)) out there affected are keeping safe and warm). Thankfully the only thing i have to complain about from the havoc the rains this side have caused, is that I have to get out of bed at 4am...YES 4.A.M in a zombie state and and 2 hours earlier that I would have needed to, on Monday morning, to get to a seminar in a sorta nearby city, because of this...

But, I won't think of that right now....happy cocktail thought!


  1. i love happy cocktail thoughts.

    i'm sorry that you're going through bad weather too. it really is devastating :(

    1. It is hey, very sad...and happy cocktail thoughts make for a good diversion huh :)

  2. Sorry about the bad weather...enjoy your weekend!

  3. That cocktail looks so good. I can use one right about now!

  4. I love that you can enjoy some sun in the Winter. Bad weather is definitely depressing. Dude, cocktails on the beach are definitely my favorite. I need a vacation.


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