Monday, 26 November 2012


Its not very often hubs and I get visitors to our humble abode. 2 reasons:
1) We live so far out of town (not really, people in Joburg travel those distances and more on a daily basis), and usually people aren't keen or need transport...schlep in itself.
2) Our house isn't finished. Yes we live on a construction Well its almost finished, but not finished enough for me to feel comfortable having people over (hence finishing and deco'ing our home is part of the Before-Baby To Do List.

But this weekend, I let all of that go and invited some friends over. It was so much fun I just wanted to kick myself for not having done it with this bunch of girls sooner!

Without further adieu...

 Johnny was really excited to see the girls too.

  On our way down to the dam

That poser in the middle is my

From nowhere, the weather turned sour after a fantastic and hot morning, so while these to very brave ladies decided to do a bit of rowing and swimming,

the rest of us cheered them on!

Turned into some kinda party though! Who says u need music to have a good party. Just sing and dance...hahaha

And I want bubble's bikini! And can't find one in this silly little town of ours *ugly cry*.
Would make an awesome Christmas pressy, hey hubs?

Hope everyone in blogville had a super weekend.



  1. hehehe, this looks like such a fun hang out. I just love that there's a Zebra hanging around. I would so love to visit Joburg one day.

  2. This looks like a blast!! Love the pictures! I'm loving her bathing suit too! Hope hubs gets it for you for Christmss!! ;)


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