Tuesday, 18 December 2012

We're off

Ok, so we are heading out on to our nice long vacation. Sadly I won't have access to my blog and will have to post catch up posts on the wedding and the rest of the trip. I'm so excited, it is actually really cool that I get a re-do, so to speak. Not that I had a problem with my actual wedding, but this time, there's no nerves or stress (mainly because my mom did most of the planning with this one, but also cause we are already married).

This time I decided to get creative and make myself a none floral bouquet to go with the Traditional theme of the celebrations. Not the most perfect, but I love it, and seriously hope no one requests that I throw the bouquet. Seriously don't plan on doing that...lol. Isn't it actually bad luck to throw a bouquet twice? Lol, I just made that up.


Enjoy your holidays friends.x


  1. lovely outfit...have fun dearie

  2. Have fun on your vacation. Looking forward to your wedding posts


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