Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What does it mean?

Yesterday someone said something rude in passing in a conversation. I was so irritated and annoyed and the whole day I thought of all these things I should have said and how I would treat them from now on. And while I was busy telling my sister and hubs later, I realised something. Responding to someone in kindness when they are mean (on purpose or otherwise) is in no way a sign of weakness. I find that way to often, after reacting calmly, I go back and replay the conversation and kick myself for not having been harsher or wittier in my response. And sadly I keep all these events locked up somewhere, I don't know, I guess to justify future meanness towards these individuals or maybe to remind myself how mean they are when I let my guard slip around them. What baggage!!! I never thought of it that way. But looking back at my response, as the conversation went on I could see her "warming up to me" (for lack of better words). How could my meanness have made the situation better? I don't always sit down an think things through and come to such sensible conclusions, but I'm so glad this thought crossed my mind. Letting go of the baggage. There!

Anyways...moving on. In the spirit of Faith's #YesImWearingThis.
Sometimes it's too warm even for a cardie, but a soon as there is a light breeze, my blazers come in handy. So yeah, there will be a lot of blazer action up in her' from time to time.


  1. That's awesome of you because them you never have to worry about apologizing or wondering if you were harsh. It also shows that you are the better person. Anyone can be harsh but not everyone can be kind. I'm sure that person was surprised from your response and in that you won :)

    I love your outfit!! I need to wear blazers more often. I really like your necklace and of course your hair!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  2. Love the outfit!

    I know what you mean about thinking of mean things you could have said. I have been there.
    But You are doing the right thing. It accomplishes nothing to carry that baggage around. Wish more people would realize that.

  3. Sometimes by instinct is easy to be mean to those who are mean to us, but I think you did very well by not lowering yourself to that person's level.

    Love your outfit :)


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