Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Summer roadtrip - THE FINALE

This time our border experience to from Zim to S.A. was an absolute dream. Not a single queue. Were in and out of there in half an hour tops...both sides. That has never ever happened to us, so I guess we got a feel of both extremes.

On our way to Joburg, we came across this Rhino. 3rd member of the big 5. Was a pity he didn't have his horn, but I guess that's to protect him.

Mr Rhino with no horn :(

After 10hours on the road, we were in Joburg, just to recharge our batteries for the rest of the drive. We got to eat out at one of my favourite restaurants. Funny though, I was always under the impression that my Hubs hated this place, but he was the 1st to suggest it???? Turns out, it wasn't good enough for THE "Proposal", but he loved it...but hey, that's another story for another day.

My favourite watering hole (JHB)

I could eat here for days :)

And the very next day, we were up early on the road to St Lucia. I had such a terrible flu/cold (whats the diff??), so I slept through, and when I opened my eyes, 7 hours later, we were there. (that had to be the best drive).

St Lucia, KwaZulu Natal

Hubs and I absolutely love it here. Were were here, exactly a year before, for our honeymoon, which was also quite the road trip, so you could say, this was honeymoon number two (with the traditional celebration and all).


Thanks to my vigilance of the above sign, we were able to escape the below predator unharmed...lol.

And this is why!!!

Early the next morning we were off to the game park and beach.


We were sadly not early enough and had to wait. At this stage, we were really good at that. I must say though, that's one of the things I love about this place, that they limit the number of cars, mainly for the safety and comfort of the wild animals, but it definitely feels good to go to a beach that's not over crowed, and those are seriously hard to come by during the festive season.

Anyways, after an hour of waiting (whats and hours in the blazing heat, we got this!!), we were in. Yey!

We did a bit of sight seeing, and on my part, seeing and sleeping. One would think I caught the sleeping bug or something. And these are some of the animal we came across on the way to the beach.

Kudu? Impala? These bucks all kinda look the same.

Mommy zebra with her itsy bitsy webra. Go Team Zebra!!



And when we got to the beach, guess who was wide awake. Yup, yours truly.


Hubby Bear

Who doesn't love an under water self portrait?

Fun in the sun.

Sister lovin'!

Some pretty fishes.

Some ugly fishes :)

We had such a blast at the beach and on our way back, we did a little more sight seeing, and was so stoked to see this Rhino - WITH HIS HORN *huge round of applause*

Happy Rhino!

Looking out for more hippos and crocs.

The beautiful African sunset.

And then back to our lodge it was.

Now you might have noticed that, during this whole recollection of the road trip, I haven't mentioned Christmas, or if I did, not much was said. But that's cause it kinda hit up on the day while we were out doing out tourist thing that, hey, today is Christmas. And this was soooo not going to happen for new years, no ways. And so, on new years eve we were out looking for a party.

We came across this one beach with lots of mini bon fire thingys and discovered that there was going to be a huge beach party there...DJ and all. Can u see the excitement?

Only cause we cray cray.

We picked a spot too!

Cause my Hubby randomly poses and doesn't tell the rest of us???? LOL.

We were SORTED. And then it rained. No, sorry not rained. It POURED the WHOLE NIGHT. So the beach was totally out of the question. This is what we did to kill time.

Apparently according to this little piece of molten metal of some kind, I will be having a baby this year.

Lol, I think not!

We had a jam, none the less.

And off to Coffee Bay we went. This is such a cute little rural coastal village. We really got down with the relaxing thing here. After all that driving and fun, we just wanted to take in the clam vibes and really get in touch with our inner selves. Lol, jokes, I have no idea what that was. We did chill a lot though :).

The view from our chalet.

Some serious chilling going on up in here!

The hole in the wall. Coffee Bay, Transkei.

More snorkeling

Couples photo :)

We even spotted dolphins!

We had such an amazing time. Got to know my sister in law and her hub's to be really well and spend time with my sister and yes, goof around with my hubby (he's always so serious when we aren't on holiday). But all in all, with the drama and all, I would do it again!
Our last day. Fresh oyster's and bubbly.




Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Summer roadtrip - Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park

See, this wasn't the first time I was at the Victoria Falls, but it was certainly the first time I got to see it from a tourist perspective. Because this was my Hubby's first time in Zim, I was more...I don't know, analytical maybe and viewed the entire country like I'd never been there before, just so I have an idea of how my Hubs was experiencing the visit.

We didn't have much time there. Two nights, one full day to be exact. The very second we checked into our lodge, all of us sat outside and creamed and sprayed ourselves with mosquito repellents and and took our malaria tablets. We were so prepared for the mozzies (wish I'd taken a picture of our warrior stash). I was so disappointed not to have seen any of those buggers, I guess they were seriously repelled (that being the point :-) ).

We were up early the next morning and off to see one of the 7 natural world wonders. I can't even begin to explain how majestic she is (the Vic Falls that is). And this is obviously one of many amazing treasures of mother nature. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

The stunning Victoria Falls (Mosi Oyatonya - The smoke that thunders)

After walking through the rain forest we were soaked. Pity I couldn't take my shirt off :(

Couldn't resist taking a pic of the local beer with the falls in the background

Moi, Sister in law and her Fiance, and my Hubby Bunny

That look though?1? Lol!
After a refreshing and beautiful walk through the falls, we decided to take a game drive through the park in the hopes of spotting the Big 5. There we tonnes of other activities to choose from like white water rafting, bunjy jumping...lalala, but we were ALL just really keen on spotting the 5 beauties.

Monkey see monkey doooooo!

if u squint really hard, u might spot a crazy monkey going for the buck...lol.

WHAT IS THIS????????

A tiny peak of a hippo :)

How georg is she???

Timon from Timon and Pumbaa...eeeek :D
And after what felt like forever (it actually was forever if I think about it), we spotted our only members of the Big 5. Very shy group I might add. I was sorta hopping to spot an elephant first, but hey :), 1 out 5 is better than 0.

The next day, we were up early and headed home. So soon I know, but we were busy folks I tell you. Half way to Byo, there's a National Park, in Hwange, and we thought, Hey, wait a minute, we could spot the rest of the Big 5 here if we lucky, so why not.

we only thought to take a pic on our way out.

Animal sightings...lol.

It was a relatively smart idea, until we realised after driving around the park for a bit that the fuel tank was nearly EMPTY...LIKE WHERE WERE THE DRIVER'S EYES. I love him but obviously his eyes were elsewhere. I kinda don't blame him though cause these are some of the beauties we came across.

Hello there!

Are these not the most elegantly stunning babes out there? WOWZA!

Oh happy days TEAM ZEBRA!!!!! WOOHOO!
We saw lots more, but ya :).
And that was it, still just 1 big 5 spotting. And so, we headed out and drove extra slow (apparently that helps with fuel consumption. I'm not so sure, but hey, I'm just a girl...lol). And just randomly, on the freeway......wait for it.........oh yeah.......

EEEEK! Elephants! Yey for days!

2 out of 5! Yey!
Thankfully we spotted a 24 hour fuel station not long after, and even though it was closed, yes the 24HOUR FUEL STATION WAS CLOSED...the owner felt really sorry for us and made a plan (we dragged the poor guy out of a nearby pub). and off we went.

Early the next day we were back on the road, back to South Africa to our next destination, St Lucia. The beach was seriously calling me :). On the way I decided to brush up on my superwoman strength magic.


That baobab tree was a biggy, and with all my strength gone...

Yup, I was out cold.