Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Summer roadtrip - Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park

See, this wasn't the first time I was at the Victoria Falls, but it was certainly the first time I got to see it from a tourist perspective. Because this was my Hubby's first time in Zim, I was more...I don't know, analytical maybe and viewed the entire country like I'd never been there before, just so I have an idea of how my Hubs was experiencing the visit.

We didn't have much time there. Two nights, one full day to be exact. The very second we checked into our lodge, all of us sat outside and creamed and sprayed ourselves with mosquito repellents and and took our malaria tablets. We were so prepared for the mozzies (wish I'd taken a picture of our warrior stash). I was so disappointed not to have seen any of those buggers, I guess they were seriously repelled (that being the point :-) ).

We were up early the next morning and off to see one of the 7 natural world wonders. I can't even begin to explain how majestic she is (the Vic Falls that is). And this is obviously one of many amazing treasures of mother nature. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

The stunning Victoria Falls (Mosi Oyatonya - The smoke that thunders)

After walking through the rain forest we were soaked. Pity I couldn't take my shirt off :(

Couldn't resist taking a pic of the local beer with the falls in the background

Moi, Sister in law and her Fiance, and my Hubby Bunny

That look though?1? Lol!
After a refreshing and beautiful walk through the falls, we decided to take a game drive through the park in the hopes of spotting the Big 5. There we tonnes of other activities to choose from like white water rafting, bunjy jumping...lalala, but we were ALL just really keen on spotting the 5 beauties.

Monkey see monkey doooooo!

if u squint really hard, u might spot a crazy monkey going for the

WHAT IS THIS????????

A tiny peak of a hippo :)

How georg is she???

Timon from Timon and Pumbaa...eeeek :D
And after what felt like forever (it actually was forever if I think about it), we spotted our only members of the Big 5. Very shy group I might add. I was sorta hopping to spot an elephant first, but hey :), 1 out 5 is better than 0.

The next day, we were up early and headed home. So soon I know, but we were busy folks I tell you. Half way to Byo, there's a National Park, in Hwange, and we thought, Hey, wait a minute, we could spot the rest of the Big 5 here if we lucky, so why not.

we only thought to take a pic on our way out.


It was a relatively smart idea, until we realised after driving around the park for a bit that the fuel tank was nearly EMPTY...LIKE WHERE WERE THE DRIVER'S EYES. I love him but obviously his eyes were elsewhere. I kinda don't blame him though cause these are some of the beauties we came across.

Hello there!

Are these not the most elegantly stunning babes out there? WOWZA!

Oh happy days TEAM ZEBRA!!!!! WOOHOO!
We saw lots more, but ya :).
And that was it, still just 1 big 5 spotting. And so, we headed out and drove extra slow (apparently that helps with fuel consumption. I'm not so sure, but hey, I'm just a And just randomly, on the freeway......wait for it.........oh yeah.......

EEEEK! Elephants! Yey for days!

2 out of 5! Yey!
Thankfully we spotted a 24 hour fuel station not long after, and even though it was closed, yes the 24HOUR FUEL STATION WAS CLOSED...the owner felt really sorry for us and made a plan (we dragged the poor guy out of a nearby pub). and off we went.

Early the next day we were back on the road, back to South Africa to our next destination, St Lucia. The beach was seriously calling me :). On the way I decided to brush up on my superwoman strength magic.


That baobab tree was a biggy, and with all my strength gone...

Yup, I was out cold.


  1. so fun and gorgeous! LOVE!
    xo following!

    1. Thanks for stopping by emi, am following too :)

  2. So many beautiful pictures. I love the one with the waterfall behind you and hubby. So cool!

  3. What a great trip. The falls look beautiful. All the wild animals everywhere. Wow, so beautiful

    PS - Your hubby is huge, that pic of you two at the falls is awesome. You look so tiny next to him.

    1. I know right, and I'd like to think a fairly tall for a woman :)

  4. Omg! These pictures are amazing! It is def a trip of a lifetime!

    I'm so excited to see more ;).

  5. These are such amazing pics, I just had to go and read all the trip posts. Now I want to visit Victoria Falls :)

    And thanks for the comment on my blog!

  6. Note to self: Visit Victoria Falls! Amazing pictures and it looked like a blast! I can't wait to see more from you. <3

  7. so stunning! you're making me jealous with these pictures!

  8. I appreciate the pic of the local beer with the falls in the background. These pics of your trip are great, you guys saw so many animals! This makes me want to travel even more now...

  9. I want to go on holiday in your pictures so much :)

  10. I got so excited scrolling through and seeing the elephant! I don't event know what I would've done. WOW! The gas tank issue - ughhhh reminds me of when we were in Nigeria but our situation was a fuel shortage. It was a nightmare trying to find gas but glad it worked out for you guys. Love hearing your adventures and makes me excited to explore Africa more besides Nigeria where my husband's family is.


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