Friday, 8 February 2013

Boob massage?!?

Yes, you read right. My Hubs paid for someone to fondle my breasts. Ok fine, it was actually for a full body massage, but this was the first I'd had were my boobies got special attention, other than from my hubs. I seriously thought it was my hubs idea of a joke, but then I thought, how would one even go about requesting something so random without getting embarrassed. Yeah well, according to my friend, who’s gets tonnes more spa treatments than I do, its perfectly normal. Some do it, some don’t.

This all happened this past Sunday at a nearby hotel and resort.My Hubs had a Karate seminar and since there were no spectators allowed, I had time to kill, so it was a champagne (and regular food blaaah) breakfast for me followed by a the fondle massage session.
My bear looking super cute all kitted up!

and POSE!

I don't often eat out by myself, and if I do, I don't spend too much time wherever I am, so I thought I'd be bored stiff. But with the bubbly flowing, the time went by so fast. I even got a visitor at my table. I completely freaked out and by the time I thought to take a pic of him, he'd rushed out (I think I may have freaked HIM out).
Monkeying around.
I was sooooo relaxed after the massage, I slept and entire 10hours. I've had a whirlwind of a start to the year, and with my regular 40hour working week, I've had to incorporate 30hours of studying a week. I don't know how every other part time student does it, but its been a battle. But I'm getting in to some sorta rhythm (yey for that!), and hopefully soon enough, I won't be able to imagine my life any other way :)
Have a good weekend y'all.


  1. I have heard about these kinds of massages. My friend gets massages a lot too and said once the women massaged her boobs but she didn't like it and told her no thanks. Glad you had a good time alone. It's nice to have that time!

  2. haha, i've never had a boob massage either. i didn't even know that they did that, lol. i'm sure that was fun :)

    as for the 40 hr work week and studying 30 hrs per week ... yikes! that's a lot. you go girl for doing that!

  3. Oh my! I think I would have died of embarrassmemt during that boob massage! haha :).

  4. Interesting - never heard of a boob massage and usually they specify in massages I've had how low you feel them going like your waist/upper buttocks based on your comfort level but never touch your boobs! Sleeping for 10 hours sounds divine ;-)

  5. ha ha oh my, i don't know what i would have done if i was in that kind of massage situation!!

    your lace outfit is cute :)

  6. Lol...I have never heard of that before and I have been several spa resorts. Here in the states, I think it might be illegal but I am not sure.
    Sounds like you had fun though after the fact. Have a good weekend!

  7. mmmm... i think it is called exotic massage, lol. you look great in the dress and jeans jacket.

  8. Hmmm maybe different places have different massage practices, bc I've had several massages and they always avoid the breast and groin area like the plaque! Guess they don't want to be liable for any sexual harrasement lawsuits. Nevertheless you look super cute in your skirt! Love it and love the fact that you are getting in 30 hours of study time. That is definitely an accomplishment!

  9. Yeah, I so would not be ok with a boob massage. Girl you are living the life.
    You are one busy lady working 40hrs and doing 30 hours of school time. You go girl.

    PS - you are so stylish, I love your outfit.

  10. Just out of curiosity I’m going to try it BIG TIME with no questions ask and just to get the right answer… XOXO:D

  11. what an amazing purposes! just loving them!
    i hope we could follow each other to stay in toush!

    wish you the beast, dear

  12. Cute outfit! I've never had my boobs massaged! I would probably yelp out loud and that would be the end of it lol. Glad you had a relaxing time though!

  13. great jacket. i've not had a massage in a while but i don't think they touched the girls.


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