Friday, 1 March 2013

All grown

I'm sitting here wondering if she remembered to pack her lunch, some extra cash for an emergency and has her phone fully charged.
How is she feeling, probably really nervous and excited. So am I, for her. It's my baby sister's first day of work. I can't believe how much she's grown.

Me and Lulubuns

All of us (with half mom's face)

She'll always be my BABY sister though.


  1. I hear ya. I still do/feel the same about my little sister. Its our prerogative as older sisters!

  2. Wow, you and your sister look like twins. You totally have the same smile. This is so sweet and so true of how we feel about younger siblings

  3. No matter how old baby sisters become they will always be BABY sisters in our eyes! Us older sisters are mama hens and have to look out for them :)

  4. Awww I know what you mean about baby sisters...they grow up so fast! Hope she had an awesome first day!!

  5. That's how I feel about my little sisters! The one after me has a 3 year old son and the youngest one just graduated from college and started her first big girl job. It amazes me to see how much they have grown. But they will always be my baby sisters.


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