Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The most attractive race

The University of Cape Town student paper recently published a chart polling the most attractive race at the university. Read more...

The only thing I found amusing about this article is that even though "coloured" people are mixed  there is still a separation between mixed/biracial and coloured. I've had a chat with both "coloured" and biracial friends of mine who both agree that there is a difference and from what I gather, coloureds are a race of their own resulting from an extensive combination of diverse heritages (this is what wiki has to say) and essentially a mixed/biracial individual is of two distinct heritages. But neither could say whether the offspring of a mixed and coloured person would be mixed or coloured. Food for thought!

 I didn't read the rest of the article cause that's a whole load of poopy kak.


  1. Wow...just wow...can't believe that is something that a newspaper would actually print in this day and age.
    Just goes to show that ignorance is very alive and well.

  2. I thought that they were going to say the most attractive race was the human race.

  3. I did not realize coloured and mixed are considered different in South Africa. I am not well versed on South African culture, but this has peaked my interest in learning more. It's too bad some editor at a University paper thinks that one race can be more attractive than another. I agree with the prior poster that the most attractive race is the human race!

  4. i haven't heard the term "coloured" in so long LOL

  5. I think people of mixed ORIGIN are most attractive..regardless indian with asian, white with black, peruvian with irish..blah blah blah..and if you are not are lucky you are still original in your own right - attraction STARTS skin deep ..then its about touching the soul so this is a useless article - to be blunt.

  6. Wow, just wow. Such useless research, what good can come of this I wonder.


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