Friday, 10 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

My mom is an absolute inspiration. Cross her path and you are bound to feel you can conquer the world. She is constantly motivating me and people around her and I'm yet to meet someone who has received a pep talk from my mom and not pushed to making a better life for themselves.

My mom is a fighter. Life has never been without it ups and downs, but my sister and I always had what we needed and more. She made choices that always put us first. She could have taken fancy vacations with my Dad or filled her wardrobe up with fancy clothes and fancy shoes, but she chose to give us a perfect start to life, full of opportunities and a bright future, no matter how difficult it may have been. Everything else took the back seat.

Even though my relationship with my mom hasn't always been smooth sailing (as it probably is with most mother daughter relationships), I wouldn't have it any other way.

So, Thank you mom for,

Carrying me when I couldn't carry myself
Picking me up when I fall,
Wiping away my tears,
Listening to my stories,
Laughing at my jokes,
Pushing me when I feel I can't go on,
And just being MOM.

If I could one day be half the mother you are, I will consider motherhood a success!


Jumping to my death

That's what it felt like jumping of the highest bridge bunjee in the world. I like to tell people "Oh, that, it was nothing really" or  " what an absolute blast, I'd do it again in a heart beat". But actually, it wasn't nothing, I didn't enjoy the actual jump and given the chance, I doubt I'll happily do that again.

I can't even remember what or who put the idea in my head but as soon as I found out hubby and I's after-fest 2008 holidays were going to be in Tsitsikama, I had to, had to jump. The morning of the jump I was so nervous I didn't eat breakfast. And every time I thought about the jump my heart would start racing. We arrived at the Bloukrans Bridge, I paid, got weighed and there was no turning back (well unless I was fine with donating a chunk of money I could have spent elsewhere).


And so the walk to my plunge began. The little bridge thing to get to the actually jumping point didn't feel sturdy to me, and every time I took a step, I could feel it sway a bit. It was made of this netty type thing and you could see the river at the bottom. I could hear my hubs chuckle behind me (I was visible shaking) and he said I could always turn back if I want! Me? Turn back? Ha!

We got there, got some safety instructions and bam the rules where, the lightest (body weight) goes first and guess who that was...

49kgs Jumper 19 to book.

I felt sick to my stomach. The guy prepping me was saying a whole lotta stuff to me, but I didn't hear a word. You would never believe how scared I was looking at this pic.


And then it was time. I stood at the edge of the bridge, and I remember saying "I don't think I want to do this" and either they get that all the time and totally ignore you unless you say you REALLY DON"T WANT TO, or I didn't say it loud enough.

Can you see the fear now????

Either way I felt my feet lift off the platform and I can't even say I jumped myself (I may have gotten a bit of a nudge), but I definitely didn't resist...and you know, maybe there wasn't a nudge, but that didn't matter, I was off the platform and there was no going back...yikes!!!

Yeah I may have screamed...I don't remember

 I could feel my stomach, intestines, liver, lungs...all of it, I could feel some sorta shift in there and it didn't feel good, and I could seriously see the Pearly Gates...ok not really but I was sure I was about to.




And then it was all over!

It was then that I felt this really crazy realise. I was on a freakin' high...yes AFTER the jump! It was over but I felt great. I wanted to jump up and down screaming "I DID IT, I DID IT" (I know I didn't really do it all on my own, but I was sure glad for that little nudge!). I guess it was all the adrenaline. It felt good.

 Hubby though, didn't look so good. He didn't jump, but he looked so pale after my jump.

The group I jumped with - I was still on a high even after all the others jumped.

And so even tough I'm afraid of heights, and I will probably feel a little sick and want to change my mind. I have decided that my sky dive will be in October of this year after my finals in September....And so it shall be!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I could have been arrested

Back in 2009, when Hubs and I had just gotten engaged, we decided that we were going to go and spend Christmas in Germany. I was super excited because the last time I had left the continent was when I was a tiny tot, so this was huge for me. I had to go to a wedding in Zimbabwe prior to our departure and since I had to travel alone for that, my hubby equipped me with multiple weapons of self defence. Lol. Really though, ever since hubs and I started dating, every time I went out for drinks with friends, went to town alone etc., he would make sure I had something I could use in self defence in case of an attack.
So in my handbag I had a fully charged taser, a hand pokey key ring thing (I have no idea what its called, but I know how to use it) and pepper spray (the crazy kind that can be used from a distance).

same one I had

Anyways, as soon as I arrived back in SA I met the Hubs at the airport just in time to check in and board the plane. So before boarding my hand bag went through the scanner and a lady asked to have a look inside and soon as she was done gave it forward...we are in the flight and have been for a few hours, I dig through my bag and what do I see. I decided that I'd get rid of these items on transit, but I completely forgot and once again, my bag was scanned and no one said anything. While we were in Germany, on Christmas day, the media was abuzz with the Underwear Bomber story. Boy was I glad that didn't happen just before we left because with all the travelling I had to do before leaving, I would have missed the news, and I think I would have gotten into some serious trouble. Granted on our way back home security was so much tighter and I was so glad my "devises" were safely tucked away in my suitcase. Next time, I will definitely remember to check my handbag.