Wednesday, 12 June 2013

And then...

It's been tough. I'm learning how to manage my time, between tests and exams and work deadlines, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Well since my last post, these are the highlights:

My hubby walked his sister down the isle at the most beautiful wedding.

My hubby graded from a purple to a brown belt in Shotokan Karate

And I turned 27

I missed the wedding and the grading (no time to spare), and I nearly missed my The plan was to spend the day in the library. The bubbly and breakfast in bed gave it away though. Do I feel different, no, I still feel 23, and that didn't feel different to 18, so I feel 18.

I've also been thinking about my future a lot lately. Stressing really because in as much as I'm not a good planner, I like to have some control over where I land up and when. And so the current debate is to whether to put the option of one day moving to Germany on the table. There are PROs and cons, but there are also PROs and cons of staying put. And honestly, for me, the pros of staying put are yummier than those of moving and yet the pros of moving are practical but certainly not that important YET and there in lies the uncertainty. And so, we will re-evaluate our position in a year, and hopefully there will be  some clarity.



  1. Awww...I can understand that. Hopefully, you get the clarity you are looking for.

  2. Happy Birthday, we've missed you around here.

    Making the decision to move is always so hard because there is so much to gain or lose with either option. I hope you find clarity soon, it's hard to be away from family tho (something to keep in mind). Good luck

  3. Happy Belated birthday! And always remember to take some time out for yourself to have fun!

  4. Lots of summer birthdays. Yay for June babies like us ;) Big life decisions are so tough, hopefully you can reach a decision that makes both you and hubby content and satisfied!

  5. Hi busy bee :)

    I think giving it another year is a wise decision. Sometimes making decisions quickly is what triggers the uncertainty. I think in a year you both would have thought it out and come up with a plan you are both comfortable and happy with.

  6. Happy belated...and how beautiful is your hubby walking his sister down the sweet!

  7. happy belated birthday!! you are one dedicated student, your hard work will pay off :) the future is always uncertain, it seems like just when you decide ok this is the plan things chane! whatever happens (germany move or not) i'm sure you'll roll with it!

  8. Wow so many big events! Happy birthday and congrats to your sister-in-law; what a great shot!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday and good luck with your studies. You are so lucky Germany is an option. Of course leaving family and friends is tough but when it comes to healthcare and education I would certainly consider Germany.

    Much love,


  10. Happy (belated) birthday! Things definitely sound crazy right now! I love that photo of your husband and his sister... so sweet. Best of luck with your decision!

  11. I know you posted this awhile ago, but I just saw it now, so happy {belated} birthday!!! :) I know that you mean about not feeling any older. I think I stopped feeling like I was anything older than the 25. I'm not quite sure what will happen next year when I turn the big 3-0... Love that picture of your husband and his sister, so beautiful! Sounds like such exciting times for you guys with some big decisions to make. Life is certainly an adventure :)


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