Monday, 22 July 2013

Colours of Love

Last night I watched the movie Fanie Fourie's Lobola. Brilliant South African romantic comedy. I will try not to spoil it for those that haven't already watched it. Its about a young Zulu girl and Afrikaans guy that fall in love and I think they did a magnificent job dealing with the subject of interracial marriages and cultural differences which tends to be a very thorny subject in S.A.

It isn't the first time I've watched a movie based on this kinda story line. Lake View Terrance, Jungle Fever and Something New to name a few, but this one really hit home for me cause I could seriously relate to most of it.


 Infact, thinking about the whole movie-watching event has me loving my hubby more because when I cried, and I mean cried, the REALLY ugly kind, he just held me. See, I started the movie without him cause I needed to be asleep by 11pm, he joined me when there was just 10mins left in the movie and so he probably really wasn't sure why I was crying the way I was...yeah I cry every chick flick, but this...LOL. He just held and soothed me and proceeded to start the movie again. I don't know if it was cause he really wanted to watch it, but I doubt that cause he's not a chick flick kinda guy, or cause the movie came highly recommended or he just wanted to see what made me cry like that, either way, the movie was on again and I watched it AGAIN till the end!



My Hubby and I's engagement was a pretty hectic one when it came to family and acceptance, and the differences in culture are so huge, there was no way of going through with our marriage without stepping on toes. In fact, the day we got married, the marriage officer at Home Affairs refused point blank to marry us because "these foreigners are a problem", then the only other one there asked me in front of my husband whether I was sure I wanted to marry this white man, and proceeded to caution me on the dangers. I asked her what would make her say that to me, "We need to protect our own she said". Then I got to thinking, interracial marriages in South Africa were illegal at some stage, but I never thought to find out when they became legal until yesterday. And boy was I shocked.


On the 15th April 1985 the ban on mixed marriages was lifted in South Africa.


That's like YESTERDAY!!!!!!! Ok fine, I wasn't born yet, but still!


When Mandela was elected president in 1994, he declared: "We enter into a covenant that we shall build a society in which all South Africans, both black and white, will be able to walk tall, without any fear in their hearts, assured of their inalienable right to human dignity -- a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.”


But alas we are still, sadly, very far from this.


But back to the movie, I was really moved by it, and glad for movies like this that teach people that colour is only skin deep, and love knows no boundaries. I sincerely hope our marriage officer watched it and has a different view now (heck, I'm tempted to pop by Home Affairs bearing DVD




  1. I completely want to watch this movie now!

    I didn't have that issue personally but I've gotten the stares and stuff when I go to Sean's hometown. It's ridiculous because we're in 2013! Luckily no one has been brave enough to say anything to my face ... because Lord knows they will be crying with a tail between their legs when I was done with them. Serious.

  2. p.s. that's a beautiful picture of you and the hubs! LOVE it!

  3. Wow. I want to watch the movie now too! I wonder if I can get it on netflix... Anyway that pic of you and the hubster smiling so lovingly at each other is perfection!

  4. You have me curious. Going to check if my library carries it and will put it on hold. Sounds like it'll be a movie hubby and I will enjoy seeing.

    Hubby and I do get stares when we go out but we have learnt to deal with it. I just stare right back until they get uncomfortable. I dare someone to say something to me though. Cause I am not known to hold me tongue when foolery is involved.

    Beautiful picture of you and your hubby!

  5. I have never heard of that movie but now I want to know more. I love Interracial stories.

    Love love love that pic of you and your hubby, one to frame for sure.

  6. Oh my word, 1985?!?!?!?!?!?! I suppose knowing that interracial marriage was illegal until so recently lends a little clarity as to why those people acted that way when you were getting married. but still so sad :(. Good for your two for not allowing other people's prejudices to stop you from marrying the person you love and leading the life you choose!

    p.s. That picture of you two is absolutely amazing! You look gorgeous!!

  7. i've never heard of the movie but it sounds like it's a must watch. the picture of you and hubby is beautiful!

  8. Like everyone has been saying that movie sounds like it is a must watch. I'm not sure if A and I have ever watched a movie on the topic, so I'll try to see if we can watch together.

    When we first started dating, I noticed we got a lot of stares. These days, I don't see the stares anymore but I think its because I don't notice it as much.

  9. I am so surprised that interracial marriages were banned until 1985. wow. As the kid of interracial parents/marriage it always shocks me that some people are so against these relationships. yes ok, maybe there will be cultural differences but as long as both people are open and accepting it's generally not a problem. geez!

    also that is really sweet that your husband to be comforted you no questions asked :)

  10. my heart melts at the picture of you and your husband

  11. y'all are beautiful! love is love, no matter the color :)

  12. I discovered your blog via Life w/ J&J. I love this post! My hubby and I (he's White, I'm Nigerian), don't get "the look" b/c our town is pretty used to seeing interracial couples, and we are so grateful for that! I definitely watched most of the movies you mentioned and will look for Fanie Fourie's Lobola too- I want to cry happy tears too! Heehee! I bet I could get my hubby to watch and enjoy it too. Nice to meet you!


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