Saturday, 26 October 2013

Time with those I love

Last weekend we packed our bags and headed to Joburg for some time with friends and family. And I tell you it felt like the shortest weekend ever!!! We had 3 nights to spend with family and friends and it just wasn't enough for me.

As soon as we got off the Gautrain from the airport, which I must say, I was totally impressed by, my baby sister and Dad picked us up and we headed to the Hardman's for dinner. It was so good to see their little people all grown.

Baby H was so happy with the stuffed doggy we got him, he put it on a leash and dragged it around with him till we left.

That smile melts my heart!

Miss T was only too happy to pose for a pic while writing a letter for us to take back with, for her Gogo

Mr R, not so much :)
Cellphone magnet, with him momma
Hubby and Mr H.
The next day, was set aside for my High school buddies. I love these gals, and I tell you, it is so refreshing to spend some time with like minded women I grew up with. And boy did we have plenty to catch up on after having not seen them in nearly a year. Still though, the time was too short!


Pose :)

A Bit of pool. Which I totally suck at.

These two beautiful women have been there for me through some crazy times.

LOVE all these crazies

Lol, my hubby's got jokes!

The newly engaged love birds. My BFF is getting married y'alls
Next day was family time. Woop, who doesn't love family time. And it just so happened that my 2 and a half year old nephew (cousins bubba) and 2 year old cousin were also home to visit. So we headed off to the park for some chill time.

My baby sis and lil T, with Granny in the back ground....kiki, so wierd that someone calls my mom Gogo.
Here aunty, done with the ice cream, you can have the cone.
Love these two little rasals. 
Hubby and the two boys


Choochoo train ride with the boys.

Overall, the weekend was a success. And I'm already counting down till my next dose of love.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Acquaintances, friends then strangers

Friends are the family you choose, and no matter how much time passes between seeing and speaking, when you meet, it’s like you were never apart. But people  grow and change, and  sometimes one’s life experiences, hardships and perhaps new life styles can leave the “past” as the only “common interest” friends have.

I’ve personally been battling with this because I’m your typical fairy-tale-happily-ever-after-friends-forever kinda girl. I invest so much in relationships with friends, that I would walk on hot coal for those I hold dear, no matter how much time passes between seeing or speaking to them. And as with most family and friends I grew up with in Zimbabwe, we are all scattered all over the world and lots of time passes between meetings and chats. And with living in a small town in the middle of nowhere (which I love by the way), were people grew up together and are in clique type friendships, it tends to get lonely. But I comfort myself in that I have strong bonds with women that no matter what, I can always count on them.

But sadly, since my primary and high school days, some friends have “fallen of the friendship wagon” for various reasons. In as much as that sucks, it will happen throughout my life time. And I try and remind myself that it’s part of life and sometimes people are in your life for a season and a purpose.

It still sucks though, but all the more reason to cherish and remind these awesome people how much I truly appreciate them.
On another, less intense note, I’m back from an unintentional hiatus. Oh how I’ve missed my little blog. But I’ve tried to keep up with all my fave blogs, so not all was down and out on this end. Please tell me someone out there missed my musings…Yes? No? Well either way, don’t forget to remind the friends in your life how much you appreciate them.