Sunday, 24 August 2014

Euro Trip - Germany

Wowza. Been a minute right?!

Hubby and I took an amazing trip that I don't wanna forget. So what better than blogging that experience as a future reminder.

I had been counting down till this day for 6 months and it was finally here. I'd even tried to study as much German as I could, like at least 3 times a week for two hours for about 4 months. Lol turns out four months is nothing and just cause you can read a bit of German doesn't guarantee that when the need arises, you will be able to speak, let alone understand. But folks, that's a story for another day. Not the first time I'd visited Germany, but the last time I did, everything was covered in snow. It was just so nice to see how different and beautiful it is in summer.

My sister and brother in law picked us up from Hamburg airport and we headed straight to Hubby's Oma's house. First thing we did, was tuck into some yummy pastries. Can I just say how awesome German bakeries are! I'm sure they will pop up a lot in my recaps because they are the reason I was 5kgs heavier when I left. 

That evening we had dinner with my in laws. It was the first time I was with almost all of Hubby's family (my mother and father in law remained in South Africa).

The first thing our niece said to me when we met was "you are a beautifully brown! Why am I not brown". She was also one of my favorite german language teachers and was happy to teach me new words (never ending game of charades I tell ya).

The next day, hubby and I headed to the train station. We were off to his home town, Kiel. We struggled with buying the tickets at a self service station, which I found funny, but the Hubs had an appointment with his banker so this was sooooo not cool. I didn't know what we were doing, since none of it was in English. Hubby's excuse though, was he hasn't live in Germany for 10 years. All I will say is, I don't know, but how complicated can it be. But we will leave it at that. Off we headed to Kiel.  

Y'all, I was soooo excited and was just two days into it. My poor colleagues were stuck in the office while I was thinking of all the amazing beers and pastries it was about to indulge in. Heaven! Bokkie and Waneez hosted us in Kiel. We've done a few road trips together in South Africa, so we were pretty excited to create new memories with them. Best believe, first thing we did on arrival at their place was tickle our taste buds with some of these.  

Later that evening I got a glimpse of how hubby and his homies spent their afternoons as youngsters. Have you ever got this nostalgic type feeling during an experience that's nothing like you've ever experienced. I mean this was Hubby's old life and not mine and yet it left me feeling like I'd just taken a walk through a past period on MY life. Weird and wonderful. They spend many hours in these fields and forests, being typical teens and I loved getting to experience that small part of the Man in my life's past. 

The next day we headed out to a near by lake/dam,same thing, but one would be amazed at what an interesting conversation starter this can be. I digress. We hired paddle boats and let the good times roll (with a bit of panting and heaving when the ladies took over the paddles). Oh but what fun we had. 

Time really flies when you having fun. Hubby and I had a dinner date with the family and after that, were treated to another joll at the beach, by my other sister in law and her hubs. 

You may remember these two. We took a road trip just over a year ago to Zimbabwe and around South Africa. Turns out, Germans love summer so much, they will find any reason to celebrate. So we joined a Pier anniversary celebration. Ok so that may sound a little ignorant because I don't know the history around this pier, but I had a blast! And I love celebrations. It was just a jam.

Side note I've been dying to slip this in somewhere, in the height of summer in some parts of Europe the sun goes down at 10.30. Excuse me while I giggle with excitement. That for me was just cray. Moving on. 

The following day, Bokkie, Waneez, Hubby and I headed out to La Beaux. (Please read that like u would in French). It's not even spelt like that. Lol. We caught a fairy there. So apparently in Germany, drinking in public, like while walking on the street, isn't illegal. In South Africa it is. So when in Rome, right. We headed to a national monument and I asked, you guys, I asked. Can I take this beer in with me. And my darling Husband said " honey, this isn't South Africa, you can drink any where". Pfhhh. My hat was blown off my head into a chained off area outside. I ran to fetch it and as I was walking, this angry old guy came marching towards me and told me to get off. Fair and fine. He obviously didn't witness the hat scene and I musta looked like an unruly teen (see what I did there). he grabs My Beer, mutters something in german an freakin walks away with it. WTF?!? Someone lied to me and I will admit I was a tiny bit mad and super embarrassed.

                                                      My poor unsuspecting beer

 We spend the rest of the day at the beach. Side note, german beaches have nothing on South African beaches, so i won't get into that ;). But it was a nice chill session none the less. As soon as we got home we got packing and hit the sack early cause guess what... ROAD TRIP TO AMSTERDAM....whoop whoop. 


  1. Welcome back! What a wonderful trip and love the question, "Why am I not brown?" Kids are so candid!

  2. This looks like the best trip! And your niece, I love her!

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. You definitely came back with a bang. Please stay for a while, we missed you.

    These pictures are so awesome, it looks like such an awesome trip. Do you speak German now?

  4. Loving the new look and your recap of your European trip. Your picture in the hay field is so fun. I was wondering too if you speak German


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