Thursday, 18 September 2014

Euro trip - Amsterdam

We had 4 nights booked in Amsterdam and Hubby and I had agreed that I plan our activities. We were taking this trip with W and B, so I figured I'd run through some of my plans with them. But  the night before well left, I had nothing other than a visit to the Anne Frank House (I was also busy reading the book, so this was a must). So we decided we'd wing it.

We left early Monday morning and Wanez and I took a short nap and after that, it was verbal diarrhea until we got there. The transition between the two countries was totally unexpected for me. Every time I've gone to any country, I've gone through some sort of boarder control/customs authority. This time, we were in Germany and then we weren't. Definitely a very welcomed difference.

It was an overcast day with light showers here and there, so we decided to take it easy the rest of that day. We stayed in boathouses on the canal, next door each other, which was fantastic! 

We found this cute tapas bar and thought we'd get something to eat there. The food looked a little on the pricey side but we thought 'hey, we must spoil ourselves'. My hubby's got a face like a fiddle and the second our food arrived I saw his face drop and rightfully so. Sadly the price and the quality and quantity of the food just wasn't on par.

The owner of the boathouse bnb later gave us a heads up on all the good restaurants locals frequent and which touristy ones that weren't worth it to avoid. In fact, he was such a life savor, he even recommended a few awesome activities and we were sorted. 

On our first full day, early that morning, Hubs, W and I headed out for a quick morning run to a nearby park. Compared to those two, I was sooooo unfit. At one stage I was yelling at them to keep going and not look back (which seriously winded me). The running circles around me (literally) wasn't cute anymore. I couldn't be THAT girl. The views the whole way, though, we're totally worth it. Totally!!! And I was super bummed I did bring a camera.That's when I started imaging my life in Europe. Like on a serious tip. And I had 2 weeks to convince the Hub that a big move had to be in our cards in the near future.

After our jog/run and a bit of walking on my part we headed out to a cute little local market to get some breakfast treats.    It was so cute and got a lot of yummy goodies. 

We all agreed that we would spend the rest of the day in the city, seeing as it was within walking distance and spend the rest of our time on your typical tourist vibes. My camera battery died in the first half hour which was really sad cause the sights were defo something for the memory book, but I suppose we got to truly experience that without a lens in between. 

On our second day we rented bikes from our hosts and took a fairy across a river and cycled through a cute little town, to the seaside. Then while we were happily on our way, Bokkie's back tyre burst. 

The first day we arrived there were barely any stores open and this was like 3pm. So we quickly deduced that either the Dutch don't like to work, or they don't like to work. See what I did there? But really. We found a bike repair shop 300meters away and it wasn't open. No signs on the doors, nada! And the really really cute farm stall next door could say why. Just that we should probably make another plan. So back to the city we headed.  

Luckily not all Dutch business owners take holidays with no notice, right smack in the middle of peak summer season. We were sorted. And what a fantastic day we had. 

That night when I was preparing for bed, I realized that I broke skin on my bottom from cycling all day. So we had to make a plan that didn't involve cycling the next day. 

Well, turns out a castle was in our cards, and my butt wouldn't completely break off. So off we went, 15km away, the next day, to visit a super cute castle in Muiden

On our return it dawned on me that this was actually our last night and we still had a couple of fun activities including the visit to Anne Frank House which we would have to leave that for another visit. But I suppose that gives us an excuse to go back one day.

That evening was super fun and hubby and I even took a sneak peak in one one off the "coffee shops" and an absolutely fantastic dinner with our friends.

Amsterdam turned out to be a whole lot more fun than I thought, based on how difficult it was to find stuff to do online. It's a truly beautiful city, and it is where I truly fell undeniably in love with Europe!

Early the next morning, with a bit of a barbie (hangover), My honey and I headed to the train station, off to Pariiiii


  1. Beautiful post and pictures. Amsterdam is a fun city. I am glad you got to experience it. :-). Looking forward to reading about your Paris trip. be sure to get a banana nutella crepe while there. They are oh so yummy!

  2. Ahh, I love this so much! Looks like such a great time and it makes me want to go to Europe even more badly! One day, one day! Can't wait for your Paris recap!

  3. Ahhhhhhh, what a fun trip. Amsterdam is such an awesome city.

    I love those pics of you guys jumping for joy :).

    Paris is one of my favorite cities in the whole wide world, can't wait to read all about your trip and experience. I am totally enjoying all the awesome pics

  4. Wow! I love seeing your travels. The costumes made me LOL and I'd definitely want to visit Anne Frank's house too. Looking forward to your next trip post.

  5. I have seriously heard nothing but amazing things about Amsterdam! Love all these photos!

    1. Totally agree with Ashley, Amsterdam is one of the hot spots in Europe for your people. Amazing shots

  6. Amsterdam looks so beautiful and it looks like you all have such a wonderful time! You took great photos :-)


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