Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Two Days In Paris

If you have more time, extend your stay, because 2 days is too short Paris.
On arrival, Hubby and I headed straight to our apartment and made ourselves comfortable. It was already afternoon and we hadn't really planned on doing anything on the arrival date. One never knows what obstacles you may face in a new place. But with an uneventful arrival, we had an afternoon to kill, so we decided to take a walk and get our bearings.
Our plan of action was to just let ourselves get lost. The apartment owner, suggested we visit the Ile St. Louis and have some ice cream there. “It’s a must”, he said. So there it was…a sort of plan.
We didn't think it would be too far, but alas we soon realised we should have perhaps taken a metro and then walked around, but by then, we were already pretty close. But not all was lost, because we got a really good feel of the city, and boy is it one beautiful city.

We were up early the next morning with plans of heading to the ch√Ęteau de Versailles and a visit to the Eiffel tower.  We booked our tickets to Europe in January and by then I already knew I wanted to go up the Eiffel tower, come rain or high waters. But I figured I could book our tickets online 3 months before. I mean that’s some serious planning right there. Well turns out, 3 months didn't cut it, because by then, all tickets were already sold out for that weekend. Online reviews indicated that you could wait between half an hour to 3 hours for tickets at the monument. So that was the plan, join the queue of not-so-great-planners like ourselves.
The second we got off the train, there were tens of thousands of folks headed in the same direction as us and when we got to the palace gates, I knew the palace tour was out of the question for us, because I wasn't about to spend hours in a queue to bump and grind with folks in the palace while I awkwardly trying to take pictures without random strangers attempting the same, in them. And we already had another queue in line (pardon the pun) for the day. So hubby and I decided to stick with just the palace gardens.

My gawd, they are nothing short of stunning and they are immaculately maintained. Just breathe taking!
We hired a row boat and just let that spirit of love that overflows in that beautiful city take over. I was in Paris with my love!

After the boat ride, I had to have a sorbet. That, bubbly, macaroons and baguette, were my thing for the weekend. We were in Paris after all. We continued our walk around the enormous gardens until my feet couldn’t take it anymore. We nearly covered all sections, but man, it was a bit of a work out.

Then slowly we headed back to the city to visit the Eiffel tower. I don’t know what was up with these crowds, but man, they sure can turn a dreamy day into a nightmare. Again thousands of people were headed to the metro, all leaving. And when we got there we quickly realised we had seriously screwed up! The metro tickets we got, coming to the chateaux were one way, so we had to join a freakishly long queue to get tickets out of there. Honey scouted around to see if he could make a plan and then found a shorter queue. Much, much shorter. We didn't ask questions and as soon as we got to the front, we found out why. You could only buy tickets using an approved credit card. So we had to cross our fingers, in the hopes that mine would work because I couldn't. I just couldn't anymore.

Thankfully it worked. We got of the metro, and I’m busy asking Honey if he knows the way and I turn around and there she is. My first real life close look at the Eiffel tower. 

All that crowed related stress quickly melted away! But that was short lived cause the queues. The queues you guys. I, sadly, had to say goodbye to my “dream” of one day going up the Eiffel tower, cause I just didn't have it in me, and it was already 6pm. 

Yeah, time flies when you having fun I tell yeah. After a walk around a nearby market, we settled with getting a cosy spot in the park with a nice view and some bubbly.
We had such a lovely romantic time and had to drag ourselves away just before midnight so that we don’t miss the last metro back home.

We decided though, that we would give the Eiffel Tower queue another shot, but this time, we would get up early and make sure to be there before they open their doors. Fantastic idea, because we waited 30 minutes tops after they opened their ticket sales and I got my wish.

It was a Sunday though, and our last day in Paris and we decided to take it easy and just enjoy as much of the city as we can on foot. It also got a glimpse of some tour de France action and as much as I would have loved to tour the Louvre and Notre Dame, the time was too short.

The next day, we were out of our apartment by 12. A quick stop at the Arc de Triomphe, a couple of bakeries for all time sake, then we were at the airport, waiting for our flight to Berlin.

Two days is most definitely not enough!