Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Belly shots

Woah, someone tell me how I went from this

To this..

In two weeks. The pawpawkie is doing some crazy growing in there and at only 21 weeks, I'm a little frightened to imagine how much more growing this belly can still do.

Of late I've been struggling with names. I was that kid who named her kids in high school, or earlier even. But now all those great names just don't seem to cut it. If only it was possible to just ask your baby what name they want. That would be so much easier. We better not leave it to the last minute. 
Speaking of last minute, I still haven't bought a single baby item. There's still time I guess, but I'm not quite sure were to start. I've zoned in on a co-sleeper cot that I want and that's just about it. 
I'll give myself a deadline. At 30 weeks I better have my act together and makes sure I'm totally ready.