Saturday, 15 August 2015

All things baby belly!

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. I feel so bad that I haven't kept up with my belly shots in the last few weeks. But woah, this belly is growing and surprising me all the time. I keep thinking it just can't get bigger.
My sister and high school buddies threw a baby shower for me. Bless their hearts, 2 weeks ago and that totally jump started my baby shopping. Like all that baby stuff sent me into a frenzy, and I guess that's all I needed to get going.

It really was so much fun and I was totally blown away by all the love and support.

I made an appointment with a professional photographer for a maternity shoot. Turns out, him and his wife were waiting for a bundle of joy of their own and with timing, weather and an impatient pregnant mama over here, I just asked my brother in law to snap a few pictures after breakfast at the beach. I'm pretty happy with them so if the shoot doesn't happen, no sad faces here. These are some of my favorites.

South Africa has the highest rate of c sections, from what I've been told. And most women I know, first time moms, have started off with natural and ended up with an emergency c section and those with subsequent have just scheduled. I've spoken to one woman, my Aunt, who just happens to be a midwife herself, who's had a natural non-medicated delivery. I'm so scared of ending up with a c section, mainly cause of a groin surgery recovery I went through a few years back. Not the same, but surgery is surgery. I'm doing my research, but without a medical degree, how do I know when I'm in an emergency situation or I'm being sold an "emergency" c section that can be avoided? So I have my fingers crossed for a natural...and as scary as it is, keep an open mind. 

6 weeks till full term!!!!